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"As an education practitioner, I believe that innovative business models and technology changes should be timely aligned with global business challenges" (Poleo, 2014)

Armando's mission is to identify, design, and implement, strategic global educational alliances, assist in the process of obtaining/renewing institutional and specialized global business accreditation, and to maintain affordable and integrated HighEd Learning solutions that follow global accrediting standards.

"Global business accreditors and leaders of recognized business schools  have expressed concern about the absence of a capable workforce (Poleo, 2014)"

For his global clients, Armando offers flexible customize eLearning information systems solutions in multiple languages that easily integrate open-source third-party applications, reducing drastically licensing fees and maintenance costs. The degree of complexity of each higher education program, course or modules varies from simple blended tutorial to sophisticated academic programs. 


Chairperson, Adjunct Faculty, Coordinating Coach, Teaching Assistant, Instructor Facilitator Higher-Ed & Corporate Traning Programs at:


During the past few years, I have dedicated my professional activity to both educational administration, teaching and learning management:

  • As Faculty I oversees and teach (young and adults learners) mos​​​t business related courses face-to-face, blended, and facilitated global virtual full-online undergrad/graduate programs. According to the geopolitical environment, the virtual teaching format has been delivered in both languages English and/or Spanish. 
  • As Chair/Director of Academic Programs I managed and worked closely supervising teachers and students academic progress (young and adults learners), to improve education quality, academic excellence, managing the Community Adviser Committee that promoted innovative educational ideas from educators and leaders in the South-Florida area
  • As Education Management consultant I have been assessing, designing, developing, and implementing Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, business and instructional models, as well as, multilingual Learning Management Systems (Moodle 2.xx, eCollege, Canvas, Blackboard platforms) and eLearning media-digital solutions (Adobe Captivate 8 & Microsoft Dynamics E-Learning) for higher education and corporate training within the U.S, Latin America and the Caribbean market.
  • As online Facilitator for the Instructional Connections program, I assist faculty in assessing class outcomes, managing students contributions, and participations, and overseeing overall day-to-day class issues for Public Universities and Colleges where am coaching.