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​"Innovative eLearning Strategies and Scalable Business Models can improve both adult learners' retention and Corporate performance, and their competitiveness in Global Markets."


  • Leadership and a timely alignment between international accredited higher education institutions and global corporations can lead to a c​ompetitive advantage.

  • ​By focusing the decision making criteria on economic success only, accredited educational organizations and Corporations may have a negative impacts over the long term of its retention, performance and competitiveness in the global workfforce markets. 

  • eLearning scalable business models in ​Higher Education institutions and Corporations can place them on a privileged and competitive position in the global workforce markets.

  • Global Corporate e-learning solutions in multiple languages for management and customer allow organization to reach and train employees remotely without interfering with the day to day business on the shop floor. These flexible custom implementations can easily integrate open-source with third-party applications reducing drastically licensing fees, infrastructure investments, hiring specialized personnel and maintenance costs, and most important, optimizes costs, improves performance and competitiveness in global markets without being tied to experts and consultants.​

eLearning environments are closely associated with the learners satisfaction and their competitiveness at work, which will impact the retention of online programs (Lim, 2001).